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Health Governance Unit Programs

In fulfilling its role the Health Governance Unit envisages a multilevel approach to governance to encompass the different dimensions that need to be addressed to ensure access to quality health care to all citizens in the country and has designed a package of training courses which address the formative needs of the multiple categories of professions involved in the delivery of health care.

Having at the core of its mission the provision of quality health care, the first attention of the HGU unit goes to the service provision level, for which the HGU promotes clinical governance as the framework that can ensures clinical effectiveness and efficiency with due patient and public engagement.

However, the provision of efficient and effective services cannot occur if institutions are not operating in an efficient way. This is the rational behind the development of the institutional governance program directed to high level carrier health professionals, managers and board members. This program emphasizes the role of stakeholder involvement in institutional direction setting fulfilled with continuous internal assessment of evolving risks and performance.

Naturally all has to function within a wider system based on adequate planning in response to community needs to which the HGU offers its health governance program. Such a program is based on health planning and policies, at local, national and global level to which health professionals, health institutions and citizens can contribute.

For the HGU these are the most effective and efficient pathways for good health governance at system level; see our Compact Health Governance Course, at institutional level; see our Board Governance Programs, and at operational level; see our Clinical Governance Course.

The HGU offers its training programs to health and health related professionals through the utilization of problem based Learning, life scenarios, small group work. All courses are run by highly qualified professionals and are offered at a basic fee. Income is to ensure proper unit functioning and is reinvested in the unit activities.

The HGU is conscious that the ultimate goal is to practice governance. That is why the unit has an applied research program aimed at situational analysis and finding appropriate methods of implementation suitable to the local settings.

HGU is ready to collaborate with any institution that is willing to implement governance principles in its practices and is ready to engage in an improvement project. No cost for improvement projects are considered.