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ABC of Governance
الإستخدام الرشید لأدوات الوقایة الشخصیة
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ABC of Governance

ABC of Governance


“ABC of Governance” is a series of monographs dedicated to governance in the health sector. The monographs aim at introducing the main topics related to governance in the health sector whether on a macro, meso or micro level. The monographs are short and should not take much time to read, however, it refers to other reading material for further understanding that can be easily downloaded from the internet.


For those who would like to contribute, the Health Governance Unit is happy to publish your contributions as long as they are within the domain of governance in the healthcare setting.


We look forward towards receiving your suggestions and hope that this series of monographs enhances the concept of governance among healthcare providers.


Health Governance Unit

Medical Research Institute

Alexandria University 


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